Endurance Testing

Endurance Testing

Endurance testing encompasses a range of tests that are performed to determine if an application can stand up to a high level of processing load that is expected to be applied for a long time. It is important to take into account memory consumption when performing endurance tests to determine the potential for failure. It is also important to calculate performance quality during endurance testing as well. As the name implies & the nomenclature itself suggests, endurance test services are mainly used to measure a component’s response to possible simulated conditions under a certain load and for a specified time under a given loading.

Benefits of Endurance Testing

  • Examines how a system performs during extended periods when it has been used repeatedly
  • Manage future load on a system by analyzing the additional needs that may arise in the future
  • During a normal working day, ensure that there will not be any defects or memory leaks that occur
  • After a long period of usage of the system, ensure that the response time of the system remains the same or even better than before
  • It check the performance goals, determine the number of users, transactions, etc. that a system will be able to handle, etc

Endurance Testing

  • During endurance testing, the application is ensured to be able to handle the extended load without any delay in response time
  • There are times when endurance testing takes a very long time and it may even take up to a year to be completed
  • User actions and internet traffic are used in endurance testing. In contrast to load testing, endurance testing lasts for several hours
  • Under endurance test services conditions, a system is examined while it withstands a huge load for a prolonged period and its reaction parameters are measured
  • The endurance test involves running the computer hardware and operating system at their maximum capacity for a long period

Why QualiAgile

QualiAgile provides a wide range of levels of software testing services as one of the top testing companies. Professionally identifying, analyzing, and resolving systems potentials can be crucial to maintaining your organization’s reputation. Performance testers with high levels of training can adhere to comprehensive test plans and create them for endurance testing with proper, strategic, and systematic planning. With QualiAgile, you can ensure that your application is tested across all technologies and domains and that it becomes more responsive and more reliable at all peak levels of traffic.

Highlights of QualiAgile services:

  • Having a vision and being able to execute it are two of the things we can do for the company
  • We take a customer-centric approach and deliver independent software quality assurance and testing services to satisfy your needs
  • Track record of completing challenging projects on time and within budget
  • Ensure that the highest level of customer satisfaction is maintained at all times
  • We have a professional and experienced team as well as a wide range of tools and technologies

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