iPad Testing

iPad Application testing is a requirement if you appreciate your users and want to ensure that they have a great experience with your app. Our testing team is here to ensure that your iOS app satisfies all user requirements and operates as intended.

Benefits of iPad Testing

  • UI Testing – When doing iOS usability testing, our team examines all the GUI elements for factors such as size, location, width, length, colour, and image properties.We thoroughly test iOS apps on devices to find any potential compatibility issues and deliver a correctly working and user-friendly software solution.
  • iPad Software Testing – In order to ensure that the app runs smoothly on iPad devices, ipad app testing is unable to function without such tests. QualiAgile is your best partner if you require a completely tested software that runs flawlessly on all Apple devices.
  • Functional testing – Before the application is released to the public, all of its features must operate in accordance with the software requirements. In order to make sure your app complies with all technical specifications and operates as intended, QualiAgile offers absolutely complete and comprehensive iOS functional testing for iPhone and iPad apps.
  • Performance testing – Your app will be used by thousands of people every day, so it is important to monitor its load and crash avoidance. The expert QA testers at QualiAgile can handle any testing and optimise your software.

iPad Testing

  • Focus on Quality- Since Apple products are highly expensive and the development of solutions for them is also fairly much on the higher side, their quality is of utmost and paramount importance. In order to give you the greatest quality assurance services, QualiAgile has gathered the top testing experts and makes use of cutting-edge equipment and tools.
  • Cost effectiveness – By outsourcing to QualiAgile, you avoid the expenses of hiring and training your own team of testers and are free to concentrate on your company.
  • Professional Testers – By outsourcing your testing needs to QualiAgile, you gain access to a group of competent and committed experts with a broad understanding of software products.
  • Manual Testing – With the help of our iOS manual testing services, you can mimic user interaction with the app and look for the most glaring bugs that interfere with the user’s experience & operations and functionalities.

Why QualiAgile

At least in a way or one form, the era of the PC is almost over so to speak, and iPads have replaced them, posing a new set of difficulties for those who create mobile apps. Customers anticipate that the UI on iPads will be distinctive and entirely different from that on iPhones.Therefore, for a better user experience, developers must make additional effort while taking the screen size, pixel density, etc. into account and consideration. Testing iPad apps is essential since no one prefers apps that are of poor quality. You can contact Qualiagile, one of the top iPad app testing service providers based out of India, to test your newly produced apps for iPad devices.

Highlights of QualiAgile services:

  • Totally Transparent Pricing – Our technical staff will provide you with a clear image of any project problems and offer guidance on how to use particular testing techniques along with giving and proving a fully transparent take on the costing aspect.
  • Our company’s motto is “Prompt Results – Stick to Deadlines.” We inform you of the project’s exact deployment date even before we begin the work.
  • Excellent Process – Using cutting edge techniques, we can organise the QA process according to almost any methodology you desire or require for that matter.
  • Reliable Collaboration – QualiAgile provides you with a continuous or ad hoc software testing partnership.

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