Security Auditing

Security Auditing

Cybersecurity audit serves the purpose of checking that the network, devices, and data of your organization are adequately protected from leaks, data breaches, and criminal interference that can compromise the integrity of the network as well as ensure that appropriate security controls have been implemented to prevent these threats. For one to assess the state of cybersecurity in a company, one has to first go through a security audit to find out how things are going. The second step is to perform a penetration test or a vulnerability assessment before proceed with the next step but there are many types of security audit.

Benefits of Security Auditing

  • Provides the ability to determine all the services that are running, and turn off the unnecessary ones to reduce the risk of a system failure
  • Identifying which ports are open on different devices is the first step that should be taken, as well as closing those that are unnecessary
  • Identify ways to improve security policies and protocols already in place, as well as examine existing security protocols
  • The provisioning of servers will be monitored by this auditing tool, allowing it to be ensured that the servers are configured properly
  • As part of the security plan, employees’ workstations will be protected with up-to-date encryption, backups, and anti-virus software

Security Auditing

  • There is an assessment of the system’s weaknesses as well as any security gaps that may exist in the system
  • As part of the process, a security baseline is created that can be used to evaluate future audits and compare them with the baseline
  • Ascertain that it complies with the security policies established by the organization on an internal basis
  • Ensure that the company complies with the requirements of the external regulatory bodies in which it operates
  • Check to see if the security training you are receiving is adequate in terms of content

Why QualiAgile

QualiAgile’s mission is to help clients understand the risks at their organizations and how effectively they can address them as one of the top regional security auditing firms. With years of experience and relevant certifications in system security, our cybersecurity audit team includes security experts, audit experts, network specialists, programmers, business analysts, and team leaders. Technology and information security are our specialties, and we are committed to making security and compliance seamless, streamlined, and efficient for our clients. To identify vulnerabilities in apps, servers, databases, firewalls, and internal server configurations, QualiAgile provides services related to cyber security audits, penetration tests, website security testing, and mobile security audits.

Highlights of QualiAgile services:

  • Analyze your privacy concerns and cyber security concerns, and assessing the risk regarding the issue and fix with cybersecurity audit
  • In the past few years, we have been able to prove to our clients that our IT audit methodology and process are effective
  • It has been proven that our system eliminates downtime and saves you money by reducing operational costs
  • To protect our systems against real-world attempts to hack them, we have taken steps to ensure our security against such attempts
  • To ensure the quality of our company’s products, we employ a team of professional and talented testers to conduct the testing

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