Source Code Audit

Source Code Audit

The purpose of a source code audit is to explore the source code of an application to discover any security vulnerabilities. After the code has been analyzed, a report is generated that can be used as a basis for the implementation of some measures intended to ensure that the code is secure and reliable. It is possible to have a source code audit checklist alongside a penetration test at the same time. To estimate the risk they may pose to the organization, they can test the exploitability of code vulnerabilities. In an ideal situation, code audits should be carried out throughout the lifecycle of an application. Vulnerability can be fixed more quickly if it is discovered and fixed as soon as possible.

Benefits of Source Code Audit

  • Experts who are well versed in testing with impeccable knowledge of test cases develop source code audit checklist based on test cases
  • You get best tool based on the structure of the software to guarantee unmatchable & unparalleled efficiency in the process
  • Using scenario-based testing approach, you will be able to uncover all the security loopholes in your system
  • Maintaining quality by checking standards and compliance to ensure that they are met
  • The mapping of the code, the validation of the application workflow, and the evaluation of the business logic are perfect

Source Code Audit

  • Investigate the code to find out whether there are any security bugs hidden within it
  • Make sure the software is free of errors before it is released to the public
  • Detect and remediate security vulnerabilities as early as possible to mitigate risks. It would be even better if you were to ask us for an audit as part of your software development lifecycle
  • Meet the highest security standards to increase end-user confidence and your company’s reputation with Source code testing service
  • Reduce the risk of compliance penalties by identifying breaches that an attacker might exploit to gain access to your environment and system

Why QualiAgile

With the help of our Source code testing service, we develop a fundamental system, plan, and use of the system. From top to bottom, we review the code of the application from beginning to end. An important aspect of ensuring thorough, systematic, and planned security testing is the application of a sound knowledge base that is based on extensive research and predefined principles. With QualiAgile as their security partner, these companies can focus on software development and deliver secure application sprints within tight deadlines, enabling them to focus on software development and focus on delivering secure applications. The detection of vulnerabilities during the SDLC simplifies and speeds up the process of fixing them by reducing their impact.

Highlights of QualiAgile services:

  • The security system has many loopholes which can be found and rectified to enhance the security system as much as possible with us
  • It is a tailored approach by us to build of the software, as well as its functionality
  • During the testing process, we will have our best testers perform the testing for you on our behalf with source code testing services
  • There will be an source code audit of the defensive mechanism of your system, including risk management as well as the internal structure of your company
  • The final report will contain detailed information about the source code audit that you will receive once the audit has been completed

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