Why QualiAgile

Why QualiAgile

Imagine this scenario – You see a really cool app totally by chance, and gets so smitten by it that you download it instantly. Entranced, you explore it with enthusiasm and feel “wow!”. In a matter of minutes, the latest discovery is shared with your peers and on social media. Fast forward a couple of days when the freshness has slowly started to wear off, and you are like “This seemed to be great, but it’s just an ok app”. A week later, you feel the app was a complete waste of time. Heck! You hardly open it anymore.

How many times has this happened to you? If you are an app addict like me, you might be suffering from this on a weekly basis. Why does this happen? One word – Bugs!

Applications like the above mentioned have great ideas, but are completely destroyed by bugs. It’s like they don’t know testing services such as testbytes exist. People, who can find the chinks in the armour, help the developers iron out the flaws and turn a great idea into the great product that it was envisioned to be. Testing is undoubtedly an integral part of app development.

The open source group project analysis showed that QualiAgile reduced the number of tests by 98.5% after 500 runs without missing a single defect. Using QualiAgile can make testing 90 percent faster in projects with large code bases and test suites, or by more than a factor of 10. A broad set of tests can be run in QualiAgile to increase confidence that no failures will be missed, or a smaller set can be run to accelerate testing. How often and how long you run the full test suite determines the trade-off.

By using Predictive Test Selection, QualiAgile finds and runs the relevant subset of tests from your automated test suite. By analyzing your test results, QualiAgile filters out flaky failures (tests that fail without being related to code changes) and errors due to already open bugs so they won’t disrupt builds. Using QualiAgile, you can test each commit as it is applied and get immediate feedback from developers about whether or not their code changes pass testing.

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Points of Notes

  • As a specialized and high performing testing team solely focused on testing and Quality Assurance, testbytes have dealt with a variety of software, scenarios and bugs to emerge successful each time
  • Software development companies typically would have a testing team with no testing leadership and lack comprehensive testing knowledge. Testbytes have the experience and expertise to fill in this GAP
  • Testing is the bread and butter for testbytes. More importantly, the testers are a bunch of passionate people who love what they do.
  • Software companies are better off focusing on development, as On Demand Software Testing is highly beneficial
  • Testbytes offer a hugely attractive feature called the TestDrive. It is a 1 week trail service that offers 100% Moneyback Guarantee if you are having any issues with the service

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